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Japan Travel Zend provides a seamless and convenient way to get to your Japan destination – with your luggage waiting there for you!


Our luggage delivery service provides an easy and simple way to enjoy a stress-free trip.


Leave your luggage at the hotel and enjoy sightseeing without any hassles. Your luggage will be at your destination when you get there!

Things You Cannot Ship

  • 1. Cash, debit card, jewelry, art work etc.
  • 2. Explosives, poisons and other hazardous materials
  • 3. Animals

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

  • Select a pickup location, pickup date and time
  • Then select a delivery location, date amd time
  • You can choose from more than 10,000 thousand hotels and ryokans around Japan
  • Delivery person will take your luggage from the hotel reception and deliver it to the hotel reception as well
  • You can pay with all major credit cards, there is no need to carry cash or be present during the pickup and delivery
  • No, you don't need to present to send or receive the luggage
  • Put your luggage at the hotel reception area with proper tags (name) and inform the hotel stuff about this
  • For receiving, inform your hotel before hand. If you need support
  • After picking up your luggage we will update you with tracking number
  • Using the tracking number, you will be able to easily track your luggage from Sagawa website
  • We can support your travel throughout Japan
  • Our expert team will help you with creating all the pickup and delivery schedule if needed
  • Our support team can help your with 13 different languages
  • We have a 24/7 support service with chat and email
  • Over the phone support will be provided on special cases
  • After packing all your stuff and putting it in the luggage add safety lock for extra security
  • Print the bag tag provided with the confirmation email and attach it with the luggage which is easily visible by the pickup driver
  • If you don't have printer access take a white paper and clearly write the unique bag tag and attach it to the bag
  • You need to attach the bag tag with every luggage that you are shipping
  • Without visible unique luggage tag pickup drivers will not pickup the luggage
  • Before checking out from the hotel take your luggage to the hotel reception and put them in the designated luggage pickup location shown by the hotel stuff
  • Please tell hotel stuff Sagawa driver will pickup the luggage later today

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